Can't pay alimony

hello i would like to know what consequences would i face not paying alimony? i live in north carolina and i work in virginia. will i go to jail or would they garnish my check like child support? i have been told nothing would happen to me.they say alimony and child support are 2 different things. do i have to worry about losing my license to drive? i am in alot of debt because of her. she refused to work or contribute to the household. that is the reason for the divorce.i owe the irs a sizeable amount of money. i have to pay the irs because they can freeze my account and garnish my paycheck. if that happens no one will get anything. i am worried i don’t want to lose my job but i just can tafford it. yes the judge is aware of the situation but seems not to care. also how long does one have to wait for a trial. i am in halifax county. i filed in feb 2010, post separation hearing in june 2010. before you know it feb will be here again. its like i am waiting a year to get this finalized. i want to move on with my life.why does it take so long for a trial hearing? i dont want to support anyone who dont want to do for themselves but create more debt. please advise.

If you are under Order to pay alimony in NC your ex can file a motion to enforce the Order.

Your alimony trial can be scheduled after the Equitable Distribution hearing, or may be scheduled simultaneously with the ED hearing.

You may contact the clerk to get a trial date and set it on the court’s calendar.