Car Insurance for Teen

My daughter has turned 16 and I am adding her to my car insurance. The rates have pretty much gone up 400% due to adding her and a car. In our legal agreement my ex is supposed to pay 1/2 of any expense over $500 for our daughter. The wording in our agreement is as follows:

Under the heading Child Support:

“c. The Husband agrees to maintain hospital, medical, surgical, and dental insurance for the child, not less extensive in coverage that the Husband’s present coverage. The Wife shall cooperate to facilitate payment and reimbursement by the insurers for said expenses. Husband agrees to pay one-half of all expenses for the minor child over 500.00 for each occurrence of such an expense, to include medical, dental, orthodontic, and hospital for said child.”

The intent of this was to cover things like car insurance and other expenses related to our daughter that exceed $500. Since it is written this way, my ex says it doesn’t include car insurance. I don’t know if it can be interpreted the way I intended it or as he sees it. He knows the original intent and has in the past acknowledged it as being $500 of any expense. Now, he seems to see it differently.

I have reread it and I am not sure how a court would interpret it. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you!

The language is included under the medical/dental provision, and thus would likely be interpreted to include only medical, dental, orthodontic expenses.