Caregivers Information


My spouse hired a caregivers to care for my kids while she is at work. Problem is she refuses to give me full contact information and the address of the care givers. I am concerned for the safety of my kids. I want to complete a background check on the caregiver(s). I’m not sure if they is licensed to watch kids in her home or not. What legal action I take to get this information? We both have share joint legal custody of the kids.



I would file a motion in the cause or a motion for contempt. The course of action would depend on the order or separation agreement and what is actually required by the provisions of the agreement/order.


The order states the following regarding care for the children:

  • The Plaintiff and Defendant shall share joint legal custody of the minor children.
    *The Plaintiff shall have primary custody of the minor children.
    *Day to day decision shall be made by the parent having physical custody. All other decision shall be made by the mutual agreement of the parties. Should the parties fail to come to an agreement after a good faith attempt disputes shall be resolved by mediation or by court order.
  • The minor children shall remain in the same school and child care facilities they are currently attending until the parties agree otherwise.
  • In the event that any minor child is in the care of a third party outside of the home of either the Plaintiff or the Defendant, the other party is to be made aware of the whereabouts of that minor child.



Sounds like you have a motion for contempt based on her failing to give you the contact information for the child’s whereabouts.


I did find all contact information including addresses, criminal and civil background checks for the 3 caregivers (jv) through other means.

Thanks for your assistance!


You’re welcome! Glad to have helped.