Mom falling apart

My step-children’s mother has primary custody of the 3 children, 9 years and twins that are 8. She has recently moved out of her house where she has lived with her husband and the children for 5 years. She moved, with the children, to her parents house and notified us 2 weeks later after we heard from the children they had moved and questioned her about it. She has now moved again to a two bedroom trailer and given her cell phone back to her estranged husband so now we don’t know where she is living and have no way of contacting her. The only way we even know she moved again was that my 8 year old step-son said they were moving into their new house today 5/19 when I spoke to him yesterday 5/18. When we tried to call her we were unable to get through and contacted the estranged husband. He has no idea where she is currently living or how to get in touch with her either. She had an affair in her latest marriage and based on what the children have said about “mom’s friend” she has been bringing the other man into the children’s lives. My husband and I as well as the estranged husband have serious concerns about her well being and her current ability to provide a safe and stable environment for the children. We currently reside in New England and have visitation rights over school vacations and 6 weeks in the summer and I am wondering, without costing a small fortune in legal fees, what can we do legally that is in the best interest of our children?

Most custody orders require that both parents keep each other apprised of their current address and phone number. If your husband’s Order has such a provision you make file a motion for contempt and force her to provide this information.

If your husband believes his ex’s behavior is a substantial change in circumstances, he may want to consider filing a motion to modify custody.