Case dismissed or not?


Dear hawkman:

Greetings. Move forward getting child custody and child support heard under the original case here in North Carolina and file a Motion to Stay the other order. Thank you.

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In 2001 my ex-wife and I both retained attorneys in N.C. for a custody hearing. My ex requested the hearing be rescheduled. Meanwhile, she went to Maryland and filed for custody. The N.C. hearing was never rescheduled. Months later, I discovered that Maryland granted her custody. I tried to appeal their decision based on the following grounds: 1.)The children were not residents of Maryland (they lived in N.C. for at least 9 months and were enrolled in school in N.C.) 2.) I was not given proper notification of the hearing (my ex gave the Maryland court a non-exhistent address for me) 3.) My ex did not notify the Maryland court there was pending proceedings in N.C. and she was being represented by an attorney in N.C. 4.) The court did not verify my income and/or employment to determine child support ( they accepted her claim I was active duty military AND worked 2 other 40/hr. week jobs.) 5.) The form required under the Uniform Child Custody Juristiction Act was not submitted to the court. 6.) In my ex’s testimony to the court she asked her child support checks be mailed to her in N.C. but the Judge did not question her to determine why she was in a Maryland Court.
My appeal was originally dismissed, but Maryland has now dismissed the case for “lack of Jurisdiction”. Before that, the order was registered in N.C. so that they could reduce the child support I was paying.
Since Maryland dismissed the order that N.C. later registered and is now enforcing, wouldn’t N.C. also have to dismiss the order? If not, why, and how would one correct this if they can’t afford an attorney. (I pay 60% of my income to child support.)
Thank You.