Change Child Support

I have a question about modifying child support. A few weeks after I moved out per our separation agreement my oldest daughter and her mother argued about the mom’s new boyfriend moving into the house so quickly after I moved out. My ex tells my daughter if she doesn’t like the boyfriend being around she can move in with her dad. She has been with me ever since that day. I thought maybe her mom and her would patch it up enough for her to move back in a few days, but it never happened. I kept paying the portion of the child support for my oldest because I was afraid it would affect me adversely on the judge signed separation agreement. Now 22 months later I really need that money to support my daughter with the increase in my taxes due to the change in allowances I use to have. How do I go about changing my child support now?

How you modify child support depends on whether the child support amount is in an agreement or an order. If it is in an agreement, you have to look to the agreement to determine how to modify. If the obligation is contained in a court order, you have to file a motion to modify.