Child Custody/Child Support Modification

My ex-husband currently has primary custody of our 3 children. He has decided to turn over primary custody to me. We completely agree on everything regarding the change & his future visitation. We just don’t know how to go about changing the current child custody & child support orders. Neither one of us really have the money to hire an attorney & would like to do all the paperwork ourselves. Can someone please tell us the procedure on how to go about this?

If your custody arrangement is pursuant to a Separation Agreement, you may simply enter into a modified agreement which outlines the new custodial changes.

If your agreement is contained in an Order, you may file a motion to modify and submit a consent order. Our DIY service would be the perfect solution for you to be able to complete this process on your own.

Do you know how we change the child support order for him to begin paying child support to me? I am currently ordered to pay him. It is not only done through the child support enforcement. It was done in court & ordered by a judge.

You can submit a amended consent order if that is what you had before- if not you can file a motion to modify the current order and then submit a consent order with the new provisions.