Change Custody Order


I am at the point where I want to give up my visitation of my children. A custody order has already been established and I received visitation with my children every other week for 4 days. Those four days are hell in my household. The childrens mother made a threat that my life would be hell until I do right by her and she is making good on that. My children are so influenced by her negativity that I no longer have a father role in their life. She sends the police to my home for no good reason asking them to do welfare checks on the children among a host of other things. Today was the last straw. I had a court order to pick them up from school because they are to spend spring break with me. Even that was difficult. I went to pick them up 45 minutes early from school because I had plans. It turned into a disaster from the kids screaming that they are going to be in trouble from their mother if they go with me to the school hiding the children as if I was coming to kidnap them, and their mother telling the school not to release the children to me until 1:45pm. It is something ALL the time. Security was called.

I would like to know if there is something that can be put into place to control her and keep her from contacting me and the children during my visitation or if I would face any repercussions from just letting her have full custody. She is a BULLY and I no longer want to deal with her bullying tactics.

I would do anything for my children which is why I am willing to let them go. Trying to have a relationship with them is proving to be more harmful for them than beneficial.

Any suggestions…


Also, does the EX have the authority to instruct the school not to release the children to me? It seems since she is the Primary Caregiver and we have joint legal custody that I should be able to make decisions regarding my children.



You may file a motion for judicial assistance, seeking that the court step in and put some constraints on her behavior.

If you have outlined visitation per a court order, the school should have released the children to you.


Thank you. Should I consult a lawyer to handle giving her primary custody and modify the child support order since she will have them full time? Or is this a simple matter that should be handled by myself?
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I suggest you at least have an initial meeting with a lawyer to determine the proper steps that need to be taken in accordance with the local rules of your county.