Temporary Custody Order


My ex and I have a temporary custody order of our 12 year old son. This was done last year because my son wanted to spend more time at my house. Now both her and I agree that it is not working out for the best interest of him now. He constantly cries and is upset all the time and wants it changed to the way it was before the custody order. I thought it was because his mom or someone in her family was telling him to do this but he says that is not the case. What do I have to do to get it changed and can it be done without an attorney?

Concerned Dad


You may file a motion to modify and ask the judge to change the custody order. The fact he will spend more time with his mother will also alter your child support obligation.


Thank You… I found out yesterday that the reason my son is crying all the time and not wanting to come to my house for his alleged time is because he says his mother, aunt, and grandma are telling him they miss him while he is gone and don’t want him to leave to come to my house. Is there anything I can do legally to have this stopped? This is becoming a big issue as he starts crying on Wednesdays all the way til I pick him up on Fridays. He has even told his guidance counselor at school he doesn’t want to come to my house. If I tell him he doesn’t have to come can she get me for abandonment or have child support increased?