Cheated and STD

Sorry to hear about your situation, I know these things are especially difficult around the holidays.

I would like to answer your question about what to expect, but I am not sure what specifically you are asking about, can you give me some additional information?

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I am not an ATTY BUT take or listen at least to my advice. Get an attorney and make sure you DOCUMENT and record that she gave you this STD and that she cheated. Trust me, she wants to keep things “nice” because she knows she screwed up and her alimony, custody and child support is on the line. She committed marital fault which I “think” prevents her from getting at least alimony AND you have a much better chance of getting full custody of the children because of her mistake. Use it to your advantage because if you don’t now, you will wish you had years from now.
And she was trying to make you leave because if you did, then you would be guilty of abandonment which is a big strike against you.

  1. hire an attorney - think of all that child support/alimony you might pay otherwise - AND your children not being able to see you but only on alternating weekends.

  2. get PROOF that she cheated and gave you this STD. maybe record her admitting to it???

  3. fight for your rights as a father.

good luck and do what you need to do for YOU and YOUR kids.

And trust me, she may be all nice now, but when there is money/kids on the line she will become an evil and vindictive person. This applies to both sexes…

First how did you find out you had an STD? did both of you get tested? whos to say she cheated(your word against hers).Every thing she has already agreed to (you) put it in writing and have it notorized, then immediately go to your local Child Support Enforcement Agency and file for child support a $25 fee (thats if she has moved and left you with the kids).Right know is when you should protect yourself and the kids. Remember you can say and assume what you want but proof is what you need. Whats hers is yours and whats yours is hers but whats your and whats hers belongs to the kids. Its sad to say but whoever has the kids has it all.

I discovered my wife cheated on me when I found out I had an std. I asked her to come clean to me before I had to go to the doctor and have them tell me. She tried to deny what she had done but finally came clean when I showed her I had chlamydia. We had not been getting along for the last 2 months and she said that she was trying to make my life miserable so I would just leave so she wouldnt have to face what she had done to me. She had no Idea i would get an std. We have 3 children together. She has agreed to give me joint custody and said I could stay in the house. I have made an appt with an attorney but being the holiday season I cant be seen by anyone for a week. What can I expect. I am hurting so bad and have no idea what to do. She is currently staying with her mother.She says she wants to keep things nice and isnt going to fight anything. Whats hers is hers and mine is mine. I dont know what to do or expect.