Cheating after separation?


Dear Wantnewstart,

You need to read the post “Final Definition of Adultery” on the Lawyer Will Respond board. My best understanding is that sexual relations before your final divorce is cheating. During my first marriage where my wife was only interested in her boyfriend, I started dating after a month. During this divorce, I fear my spouse would try to have me arrested for adultery, so I’ve been a good boy for 13 (long, eternal, forever) months now. Personally, unless you are divorcing a really hateful person, and especially if he is seeing someone, I don’t think you would have any problems. I would wait a couple of months had past since separation.



Hello “wantnewstart”,

When I had my seperation agreement done, I had it stated that once the agreement was signed we could do as we wish and it would be as if we were never married. I have known other people who have had this clause put in their agreement as well. The attorney I had that drew up this agreement said it is more common nowadays to do that. That way, there is no way they can come back and say anything before the divorce is final.


Where can i get one like that? [?]

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I keep seeing things regarding seeing other people after being separated. Is that considered cheating? I though being separated meant you were free to see other people, just not get remarried. I have been talking to an old friend and we have been dicussing having a relationship, but have not had a physical relationship as of yet (i am separated) Am I cheating? This is VERY confusing to me!

Robin Nichols