Child cannot read is this neglect?


Instead of trying to figure out what your ex has done wrong, be an adult and ask her school to test her for, uh, hearing? Sight? Learning disabilities? Grow up.


actually we have already discussed the situation with her teacher. she has no learning disability or hearing problems, the problem is no one is working with her at home. with only weekend visitation we can’t work with her as much as she needs. but thank you for opinion.


There are LOTS of kids who have no one that works with them at home, yet they are reading on grade level at the age of 7. How are you so sure that she has no learning disabilities? Has she been tested by the school psychologist? Teachers are not qualified to diagnose whether or not a child has a learning disability…they cannot simply look at a child’s work in class and determine this information. The parent can request that the child be tested by the school if they feel that there is a problem. If a learning disability is not the problem, it could be something like Attention Deficit Disorder or an auditory processing disorder.

It could be with extra help at home that the child will improve her skills, but this is something the school should be discussing with the parent. I can guarantee that before the child is in third grade (the first year they are tested with the state End of Grade tests), that if she is not performing on or near grade level, the teachers will be screaming for remediation for this child. The accountability will always fall to the school in these cases, not the parent.


Dear concerned parent. No this is not enough information to be considered neglect in and of itself. North Carolina follows the laws under IDEA and ADA and state laws protecting children having special needs. If you are at all concerned about her progress, and it sounds like you are, you may request (in writing) that the school district evaluate your child to determine whether he/she is eligible for special education services. It may be that your child does not have a particular disability, but the evaluation may identify they she could benefit from additional educational support. The school may offer to help. If you want more information go to the web site for NC Public Schools and review the exceptional childrens section and review the parent rights handbook. Good luck.

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I was wondering if it could be considered neglect for a nearly 7 year old little gilr half way through first to not be able to read anything more than her name. I was sitting for a friends daughter this past weekend and found that she cannot read at all. I asked her if anyone ever reads to her and she said no, she just watches t.v. Is this ok? Can anything be done?