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The school should be providing this information. Your husband can make a copy of his separation agreement showing joint custody and show it to the school. If it is a discipline problem he may want to contact the asst. principal or a counselor instead. They may need to be reminded that he is entitled to this information.

It is more of a behavior/medical issue (as he’s been told). If the principal doesn’t return his latest call, then I’ll suggest attempting to speak to someone else. Thanks for your input.

After repeated tries, my husband has not received a return call or email from his son’s principal or teacher. Any suggestions on next steps?

At this point I would go over their head to the Superintendent of the school district. This is BS as there is no reason that your husband is not entitled to this information unless the court has ordered it.

Dear AMJ:

Greetings. If the child custody is joint, the school must communicate with both parents. I would advise him to fax the school the proper documentation (court order saying that he has joint custody) and asking them in writing to respond within a certain amount of time. He should copy his ex on these communications by mailing her a copy.

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Assuming your Order does not prevent you from accessing this information,there are both state and federal laws governing a parent

My husband’s child (who lives with the mom) is having behavior issues at school. Because the ex fails to communicate all information accurately (ok…she lies), my husband is attempting to contact the school directly regarding the issues. However, as yet, the principal has not returned his phone messages. What obligation does the school have to inform BOTH parents? By the way, he has joint custody.