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I believe the custodial parent is entitled to the mailings, though I’m sure that if you actually go to the school and ask, they’ll accommodate you. This isn’t a new thing for them.


Not a lawyer - just a stepparent - we had similar issue w/ ex not notifying us about kids activities. My husband and I look at the school’s website, learn the names of their teachers from them, he then tries to attend parent teacher conferences on his own or shows up when his ex is there. (this works better obviously if you are fairly close). He has asked at least one teacher to call or e-mail him about events and this has worked out fine. I think most teachers will be pleased to know that you want to be involved/informed as well and try and keep you in the loop. It is infortunate you cannot work this out w/ your ex - but we couldn’t either. It’s a power/control thing and best to do an “end run” and avoid having to even ask her about it.


Just go to the school and talk to the office staff and they will give you the names of the teachers then you can meeet with each of them and tell them that you would like to be notified also and usually they will. Also, tell the office staff that you would like to be kept up to date with all activities, grades etc and they will try to accomidate you but remember most of the mailings are computer generated so it send them to the address of the child on file so it may require extra effort for you to get this stuff. But yes they should send it to you if you request it.


Dear Rusty:

Greetings. There is no law directly on point. Just call the school and ask them to mail you a copy. Thank you.

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I am separated, and my spouse is saying that all of the children’s school mailings to parents will go to her, and she will pass on to me. Don’t I have a right to receive the mailings directly? The school could send two, one to each parent. Is there a NC law about this?