Child Custody Contempt

Is there any thing I can do legally if my ex is not following the custody order? Twice now, she has refused to let me get my son at the time stated on our divorce decree. Other times, she has left him stranded stating I am to get him at this same time that she previously wouldn’t allow a pick-up. It changes every other weekend depending on what is convenient to her schedule and not by the document. My son is the one suffering. Do I have any legal grounds to hold her in contempt? If so, how do I go about the process without incurring a financial burden to myself? Thanks!

If the child custody schedule is detailed in a court order, you should file a motion for contempt. If the schedule is included in an agreement between the parties, you should file a complaint for custody. A lot of counties have DIY filing packets available. If you hire an attorney, you can seek attorney’s fees. You should consider using Rosen Online for your legal needs.