Child Custody of 17yr old

I am in the process of separating and drafting an SA. My son is 17 and we have agreed to joint custody with him choosing to stay, at anytime, where he wants. He will be 18 in 5 months. Anyone here had the same experience? Not sure exactly how to deal with or word this since holidays and vacation time in an SA seems kind of pointless because of his age. I am guessing I can strip all of that out and just go with custody arrangements and child support. I live behind my neighborhood and he can come and go as he pleases. Anyone else have a similar scenario? Can a lawyer chime in with recommendations?

Thanks - roxer

Yes, you can leave the decisions up to the child. I would state something that the decision to leave it up to the child is due to his/her age, maturity, etc. I would also include provisions that both parties will help facilitate visitation, will encourage the child to spend time with each party, and will help foster the relationship with the other party so that there is some burden on each party to make sure that even if when the child visits are dependent on the child, each party tries to get the child to visit and spend time with the other.