Custody for 18 year old high school students

I have an eighteen year old son that is a senior in high school. It is my understanding that he is now his own custodian, even though he is still in high school. At times, he does not want to go to his Mother’s home due to some longstanding conflict and struggle between them. For example, he turned 18 just before thanksgiving, and refused to go there for the thanksgiving holiday. Now, she is telling me that he is still a minor because he is still in high school. Therefore, since she is still required to pay child support, he is still legally required, and I am legally obligated to force him to spend time with her during the Christmas Season. In the past, I have discussed this with an attorney, that was recommended on the website. She told me that once a child reaches 18 years of age, he or she is then their own custodian, and they have the right to make all decisions on their own behalf. My son’s mother said that she spoke with her attorney, and the attorney said that my son is required to continue all parenting time until he graduates in June 2012. Can you help me clarify this, and please point me to the actual statue so that I have clear evidence for her, if you follow the same line of thought as my previous approved attorney.



No, the child is his own custodian now and is free to decide whom he wants to visit.