Child custody

I am trying to find out what i need to do to establish custody of my daughter. Her mother was in the hospital since birth. I had to establish paternity to take my daughter home from the hospital. She has lived with me since she was discharged from the hospital which has been 8 months know. Her mother was recently released from the hospital and has went back to south carolina to live. my daughter was born in north carolina and has established residency here.All her medical records and any other documents have her living with me.I don’t have a problem with her mother visiting her but i do not want her at her parents and other family members home because of the living conditions that i have seen her other kids subject to. She is not capable of taking care of her or her other kids without her parents help she is from my understanding be clasified as disabled. What i want to know is do i have to allow my daughter to go down there or can i just allow her to come here and visit and what would be the best legal way to handle this situation. Any input would be grateful i am just a father trying to do what’s best for my little girl.

You may allow the mother to come visit with her, and the mother can legally take the child for visits so long as she does not leave NC with the child for the purpose of avoiding jurisdiction. The best advice I can offer is to instruct to you file an action for custody to have the court issue an order that definitively establishes custody and a visitation schedule.