Child Custody

Im a mother of 3 children and my ex husband has my children and I have been trying to find a lawyer without a retainer fee and I cant find any lawyer… I don’t have money to pay 3000 dollars and I cant find anyone with a payment plan or anything does anyone know of any help or lawyers that doesn’t have a retainer fee… I really need to get my kids back with me

You can always contact Legal Aid and see if they will take your case. Otherwise, you may be interested in our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, provides access to a library of legal forms and communication with an online attorney.

My kids are much older and we asked them where they wanted to go. My oldest decided that he wanted to go with his dad and the youngest one with me. Even though I really don’t speak to him much, he’s 17 now. We split a year ago. He is living with his dad and his girlfriend 2 hours away. He’s upset with me because I’m angry that his dad moved in with his girlfriend. But that was his decision and i have to accept it. The younger son maybe sees his dad every 6 weeks. His lawyer also told him to do whatever it takes to get one of the kids to go with him for financial purposes. He has 11 months before I go after him for child support. It is hard but you do survive