Child custody

The DUI is certainly going to reflect badly on him in court. If it is indicative of a great problem with alcohol that will also have an impact on the custody trial. You may want to request that the court order he have an alcohol assessment.

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Here is my situation. Husband has had numerous(proven) affairs during our 61/2 yr marriage. Last one landed her hurt in the hospital and him in jail for DUI and details flooded in newpaper. No Current resolve to charges against him. So far he has weekend days and 1 day during the week. Problem is when he was caught for DUI the police asked if anyone was with him and he said no repeatedly. 45 min later they hear her moaning and find her. Not good for him. They get back together after I kick him out of my life. She does not want to press charges. Neither remember anything because they are soooo drunk. I do not feel he is safe to be with children. Custody hearing in a month. What can I expect. Also have found out he has been calling 900 numbers and large amts on credit card bill. Btw, we have 2 girls age 6. What do I need to do. I would like him to have to have psychological testing performed to ensure his stability.

kim black

My husband is claiming I am a drunk and trying to get sole custody of my kids. His lying is causing serious issues surrounding our custody case. My attorney has told me that my husband wants me to have to do an alcohol assessment. My attorney said it is outpatient and not too painful. What is an alcohol assessment? She makes it seem like something metrical but I don’t see any information about it on the web. I’m so frustrated that his lying is putting me in jeopardy of losing my kids!! How do I prove my innocence?

I don’t know what an assessment is either, but here is what I found on research:

They will probably do a questionnaire or discussion with a psychiatrist first, then move to the medical testing where initially they will look at the overall patient’s health and then see if they have any medical problems that might indicate long-term alcoholism, like fatty liver or signs of cirrhosis. They will also perform some lab tests like:

Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT). This compound is a marker for heavy drinking and can be helpful in monitoring patients for progress towards abstinence. It is the only biologic marker approved by the FDA to help detect chronic heavy drinking.

Gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT). This liver enzyme is very sensitive to alcohol and can be elevated after moderate alcohol intake and in chronic alcoholism.
Aspartate (AST) and alanine aminotransaminases (ALT). These are liver enzymes and are markers for liver damage.

Testosterone. Male hormone levels in men with alcoholism may be low.

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV). This blood test measures the size of red blood cells, which increase in alcoholics with vitamin deficiencies.