Child refuses to visit other parent


My 13 year old daughter refuses to visit her dad. I have primary physical custody. Legal custody is not yet established so I assume we have shared legal. He (dad) is supposed to pick her up for visits. Since she has refused visits, he has not tried to pick her up. I took her to see a therapist and I think it could be helpful. I told her dad about the therapy but he said that he didn’t want me to take her. My daughter told me there isn’t physical abuse but that she is afraid of him.

I am confused about my options. Can I take her to a therapist if he doesn’t want me to? Am I responsible for seeing that she goes to visit him if he doesn’t pick her up?


It sounds like you may need to file a motion to modify child custody. Usually, if both parties have legal custody, you must come to mutual agreement as to legal decisions, including medical treatment. If she will not visit, you should also have the court address the custody schedule so that he doesn’t try to have you held in contempt for failing to follow the custody schedule.