Child does not want to see other parent

My soon-to-be-ex husband and I have been separated since August. We have a 14yo daughter. We do not have a separation agreement or custody agreement because he refuses to sign anything (I don’t know why). She lives with me and has been spending every other weekend with him. He does pay some child support, but not what he would be required to pay per state guidelines. He has been emotionally abusive towards our daughter. She does not want to see him. They usually communicate in an online chat program. If she tells him she does not want to see him, and he agrees, and she does not go to his house, can that be used against me?

With no agreement or order on custody, you wouldn’t be violating anything by not requiring her to go visit him. Is he doesn’t want to, and he agrees, there isn’t anything he can do other than file a lawsuit for child custody and seek a court ordered custodial schedule.