Child Suport funds moved to ORS


Dear tammiejoy:

Greetings. I would leave the child support situation as it is. You can talk to the UTAH department of child support enforcement, but I would not.

Unfortunately, she is allowed to use the child support for any purpose she desires. If I were you, and if you want to force her to use the child support for what it is meant, then you should obstain from sending other funds to pay for things the child support should cover.

Now, you are going to tell me that this may harm the child, and it may, but you cannot keep sending funds, as this will teach the child improper handling of finances. You have to make that decision based on the morals you have decided to raise your child under. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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Thank you. I really appreciate your insights and help.


Right now when we pay child suport, it ends up going to North Carolina, I belive to the Department of Social Services. Then they wait for the check to clear and then send it back here to Utah to the ex-wife. Is there any way that we could move this child suport payment to ORS here in Utah - that way the money doesn’t leave the State and she will get it quicker. It would just make a lot more sence to do that. Is this possible?
Also, my husbands ex-wife has told us that she uses the child suport money to make her monthly house payments and when we paid up on back child suport (about $6,000.00) she said that she was going to use the money for a tummy tuck or a down payment on a house. Then she asks us to buy school clothes for the children because money is tight for her. And just recently (yesterday) she called and wanted to know where the money was for October (which it is on its way to NC) and said that she needed it really soon so that she could use the money to take her new husbands ex-wife to court to get sole custody of her step-children. Is there anything that can be done?
I know, I am full of questions.
Thanks for taking the time to answer them.