Child support 2 states

When noncustodial lives in another state what state do you follow for
support guidlines? What state do you file in or is it done by both, this could be confusing. Should it be the state where the child lives? There
are no present child support orders, noncustodial is paying (for 2 years)custodial is now wanting an increase. The custody orders are joint legal with liberal visitation, since 2 states involved. They meet at half way for visitation. What does the 123 overnights mean, for support factors?
Does it half to be exactly 123 or near? Since court order joint legal what does this factor into the support area.

If you don’t agree with amount what are the options? The custodial parent is going thru the support agency and not the attorneys that are still representing each party. If you don’t agree and wish to amend amount does it have to be in a certain time frame?

Child support actions lie in the state where the obligor resides. In North Carolina child support is calculated using either a worksheet A, or a worksheet B, (and in rare cases not applicable here a Worksheet C). A work sheet A is entitled “sole custody” this work sheet is used when the children are with the primary custodian 242 nights a year or more. A worksheet B is entitled “shared custody” and is used when the children spend 123 nights or more with the secondary custodian. The number is exact, and the worksheets are applicable as described above regardless of the terms used in the custody order.
If the court calculates child support at the conclusion of a hearing you do not have any viable options if you do not agree to the amount. You may want to try and negotiate with your ex prior to the any court hearing and try to settle on an amount that works for both of you.