Child Support and other issues


My ex has said that he will be changing jobs soon and that will decrease my child support. Currently he is paying 288.00 monthly for
insurance on the kids but i have recently gotten them approved for medicaid, does he still have to have insurance on the children?
I also homeschool my children which we agreed we would continue doing because my son has adhd and my daughter has special needs he agreed to help out with their school needs but has paid nothing toward that…could I get him to pay for that in the child support? I am currently living with family and all he pays for is the child support and nothing more, he pays for nothing extra for the kids or even gas
money for me to take our daughter back and forth to her therapy appointments. I feel like that when we went through our seperation
that I had bad representation on my part and his attorney was his brother-in-law and they told me that i could not do certain things
because he had more bills than income. We were married for 10yrs and I had always been a stay at home mom and he was self employed.
I left everything to him and moved back home not asking for alimony or anything extra.

Any advise would be appreciated…thanks


If he is ordered to provide insurance for the children, he must do so until another order is issued which relieves him of that obligation.
Home schooling expenses can be included as extraordinary expenses in a child support calculation, at the judge’s discretion.