Child Support and Insurance Issues


My wife’s ex husband has filed for Child Support against her recently for their 10 year old child. My wife has been unemployed and was staying home taking care of our newborn at the time. His income is over 100k a year and my wifes…well…she was unemployed but was forced to take a job making 10 dollars an hour to pay the support. We now have our child in daycare at 500 dollars a month.
Child Support enforment then forced her employer to put her on a healthcare plan to provide health care for the 10 year old. They never provided a reason why but simply enforced it without answering any of my wife’s questions.
My question is this: Can my wife and her ex husband each keep a seperate health insurance policy on their 10 year old? Or is my wife the one that needs to keep the health insurance and her ex can bill her insurance for any medical needs the child may have? What about his income and the ability to provide this expense?
My concern is this…the man is a greedy and will stop at nothing to punish my wife (his ex) in order to make our lives more difficult. We don’t make six figures a year like he does and this man owns his own business. My wife doesn’t mind the child support or the insurance but I know that this man will bill her insurance and never help with paying those bills.
Any advice in this matter will be appreciated.


Did your wife have an attorney? This sounds like a very difficult situation. Both parents have a duty of support regardless of the difference in income, but I don’t understand why the child needs two insurance policies. You should consult with an attorney to try to unravel this situation.


We have tried contacting attorneys about this matter but most won’t discuss without a retainer or a consulting fee…of which we can’t afford at the moment.
What we didn’t understand is that the daughter had insurance to begin with under her father’s policy but the child support enforcement office is making my wife carry insurance on her. We thought that this is because each parent was responsible for the welfare of the child while in their care. Such as, we would pay for bills incurred while she lives with us and he would pay for bills while she lives with him. It seems this is not the case.

We understand the responsibilities pertaining to the situation of each homes income…but why is my wife mandated to carry insurance when the child was already insured? We’ve tried speaking to Child Custody enforcement for explanations but they’ve been very dismissive in answering our questions.


I cannot answer why your wife was ordered to provide insurance without reviewing the file and perhaps the transcript from the court. It sounds like you need a consultation to discuss your options to remedy the situation.