Child Support

I have been paying child support for little over six years. I was court ordered or told that I had to carry insurance on the child in question. I have been doing so. The mother of the child also pays for insurance. Since I have insurance on the child can she do this? If so my child support is in review now. They are looking at making me pay for the insurance that she carries on the child. Can they do that if I am carring insurance on the child. This is medical insurance and dental insurance. The thing is my medical insurance is free to me and my family members because I am an active duty service member.

She can have supplemental insurance for the children.

This law might of changed recently.

However, parents are required to purchase any employer sponsored health benefit. You must purchase yours (fortunately free). She must purchase hers.

If it isn’t through her employer you could argue it isn’t a reasonable cost. However I doubt a judge will go for it.

You might also try to verify that you are only paying the children’s share. I’ve heard of judges and CSE putting the entire woman’s insurance on the form (illegal) and dividing that between the parties.

Figured I’d ask my question here instead of starting a new tread.

If you have responsibility for any other children not of this relationship, please enter the number of
children here:(# of children)
If you have responsibility for any other children not of this relationship, are you and the other parent
of these children still together:Yes or no

For the question of responsibility above.

I pay child support for 2 kids I have that live with my ex in CA. I have one daughter with my current wife. We are divorcing soon and I’m trying to figure out the child support. Would I put a 2 where it says enter the number of children here?


Are we required to go by the NC court child support standards? If we can come to an agreement of child support amongst ourselves can we put that in writing and go with that?

I appreciate the help I recieve from being able to use this forum. Thanks!!

You are free to agree to a different amount of support so long as the amount agreed to is sufficient to meet the reasonable needs of the children.

I found out they where using the whole amount of insurance so they changed it to me only paying for the child part. Why would I have to pay that if the insurance I am providing covers everything for the child and is at no charge to the parent? She is providing insurance through her job then do I still have to carry insurance on the child? Also me being in the Military are they suppose to use my gross income or my base pay? The reason I ask is because there is a big difference between my gross income and base pay. My base pay is what i pay taxes out of the gross income has my basic housing allowance (BAH) and basic substiantce allowance added too? Its like if I lived on a military installation I would not get this extra but since I do not I get this extra to cover my cost of living. Just wondering if there is a law conserning this for military service members.

You may seek a modification of support to discontinue your coverage if the same quality coverage is available to your ex at no cost, or a lower cost than your insurance. Child support is calculated using the gross income of the parties, including your BAH, and BS as those subsidies are considered income.

Both of our cars are in my name. My wife has to agreed to accept the car payment ($514) as child support ($400) until either she can take over the payment or it’s paid off. The $400 for child support came off the child support calculator on this site. With that said is that legal for us to do that? If so on which form do I include this information so she can’t run to the courts later saying she isn’t getting child support?

I strongly advise you to include child support specifically in the agreement. If you do not and call it something else she could turn around and sue you for child support, leaving you contractually bound to the other payment and support too.
Pay her the child support as such, and the other $114 as alimony, that way you can deduct the $114 from your income on your return.

So I should put I will pay alimony of $114 until car is sold or paid off?

Technicially she could just stop paying for the car then I would be stuck with alimony and car payment since the car is in my name only.

That is true, she should refinance the car loan into a new loan in her name.