Health insurance


Okay…first a little background… I have a 15 year old daughter from my first marriage. I have paid child support continously with no problem for 10 years. A few months ago we went back to court for a child support modification. At the hearing I wanted to put my daughter on my health insurance (I already have a family plan for my other child). The mother refused to let me do this and it came out that my daughter is on state funded health insurance. I live in FL now and I know here a child cannot be on state funded insurance IF “either parent has access to reasonably priced insurance through an employer or otherwise.” Is this the case in NC? I have a friend who was just sued by the state of FL for his son being on this type of insurance for 7 years when he had access to insurance through his employer. Is there a possibility this could happen to me? I would really rather put my daughter on my insurance as it is very good insurance but the mother refuses and CSE is no help. EVen the judge at our hearing was no help. I feel like my ex is almost robbing the state of NC and its taxpayers by using this insurance when it is not needed. Do I need to worry that it can come back on me that my daughter is on this insurance while I could easily provide her with the insurance I pay for?


It appears as though you have done all that is in your power to have the child covered under your policy in the court system, however I am not sure why you do not just add the child to your policy. It does not sound as if there is any order that prevents you from doing so.


I cannot add my daughter to my insurance because I do not have her SS# and her mother refuses to give it to me. If I had this info I would add her. Is there any legal way to obtain this information? Child support has stated they cannot release that info to me because there is no court order for me to provide health insurance.


You should contact the Department of Social Security.


I was told by Dept of SS that I have to have a copy of her shot records to get this or bring her since she is 15. I live in FL and cannot just go by her dr. office to get shot records and her mother will not give me any help. Even if it is what is best for our daughter. Should I just leave it alone and let her stay on the state funded insurance? Am I really out of options?


It would be worth contacting the doctor to get the records.