Health insurance

My husband and his ex have joint legal custody of his 16 year old daughter. The daughter lives with mom most of the time, but dad has visitation(we live in Florida). In June 2009, his child support was reviewed. At that time his ex had quit her job and had the child covered by NC Health Choice insurance(form of medicaid). The court papers stated the child would remain on the Health Choice. My husband has very good health insurance through his place of employment (and has had for almost 10 years). Can we add her to our insurance? The mother seems to think only she has the right to carry insurance on the child and doesn’t want us to add the child to ours. Can we legally add her without the mother’s consent? Will we be breaking any court rules since the order stated in June 2009 she was on Health Choice? (BTW the ex has just started another job and the daughter has to renew her Health Choice in March when she will very likely be dropped since Mom is working again). We just want to be sure the child has good, lasting insurance. We already carry a family plan (we have a child together) so there will be no additional cost for us. Thanks!

You may absolutely add the child to your insurance and you will not be breaking any rules.