Child support and health insurance


I was recently ordered by child support to put my daughter on my health insurance. I need certain information including her social security number to add her to my insurance. I have tried to contact my ex wife to get this number but she refuses to give it to me. I have contacted CSE who told me since my insurance is through my employer, my employer has to contact them to get all necessary information. My employer has contacted CSE on numberous occassions and is basically being given the run around… no return call, out of office, etc. How does CSE expect me to abid by the requirements they set forth if they do not provide the necessary documentation? Will I be held in contempt or anything if she cannot be added due to all of this? Is there any other way to obtain the needed information?


Your income tax forms should contain the child’s SS #. Also, you can contact SS and they should be able to provide you with the number. I see no reason why the mother is withholding the number from you.


I do not have any tax forms with the ss # as I have NEVER been allowed to clain her. Also when I contacted the ss office they said I will need a copy of her shot records or something similar to obtain this. My ex wants to keep me as in the dark about everything as possible and doesn’t want her on my insurance because she thinks it will lower her child support. Do not ask…this is a very bad situation. :cry:


Go to the child’s physician and get the shot records. You have every right to a copy of the records and no one can stop you from obtaining the records. The shot records probably have the child’s SS #. Also, if your child attends any kind of school, the school may also have the number. Any joint tax return (during the marriage) should have the social security number since you would have claimed the child as a dependent. Unfortunately, if any of these methods fail, you will have to hire an attorney to get this information. Do you have the child’s birth certificate? You can get one from Vital Records. SS may accept this. The easiest way would be for the mother to simply tell you what the number is! The health insurance is for the child’s benefit…seems to me that any Court would order her to turn this info over. I am sorry. I know it is not easy dealing with a difficult, vindictive ex-spouse.


You paying the health insurance would lower child support payments a bit if you use the calculator. HOWEVER, the mother is being negligent (in my opinion) by barring her daughter’s opportunity to be covered. It’s insane. You should be able to go to your child’s doctor’s office and look at her file. You are the parent and you should have access to her file. You should have your own copy of her immunization records.

I would, for your personal records, get a duplicate birth certificate done for your possession. If your ex is being like this now…just wait until you try to sign your daughter up for any sports teams or anything that requires a birth certificate for ID. You have a right to ALL this information as you are her Daddy. Don’t back down.