Health Insurance Question

I have two questions:

  1. In the Child Support Order, the custodial parent was ordered to provide the health insurance. However, the order does NOT specifically require that a copy of the insurance card or other insurance information be provided to the non-custodial parent. When asked for the information, the custodial parent has repeatedly refused to give a copy of the card. What recourse does the non-custodial parent have to obtain this information?

  2. The custodial parent pays $320 in health insurance premiums every month for the child. The cost to the non-custodial parent to have the child on his health insurance is only $40 per month. Is this, and the fact that the custodial parent refuses to share the health insurance information, enough to have the Child Support Order modified to have the non-custodial parent be the one required to provide the health insurance? This would likely reduce the amount of support required to be paid per month and also allow both parents to equally access the insurance information for the care of the child.


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Is there any wording in your custody agreement that each parent will give the other parent all the proper information in order to be an effective parent (this includes report cards, insurance cards, birthday invitations, etc)? Not giving the insurance information hurts no one but the children in the event of an emergency.

File a motion to modify support and for judicial assistance and seek that the judge order the CP to turn over the cards and insurance information.