Health Insurance

My husband’s ex-wife was ordered to provide health insurance for my stepdaughter in the Child Support Order. My husband has asked her twice for a copy of the health insurance card in case she needs medical care during visitations. She has refused to provide any information about the health insurance, telling him that she does not trust him to have this information. The order does not specifically state that she has to provide it to him, but the Custody Order gives them equal access to all health records pertaining to my stepdaughter. Is there any legal route that he can take to obtain the health insurance information from her? We don’t want access to healthcare to be delayed in the event of an emergency or illness because we dont have her health insurance information. Thanks!

He may file a motion to show cause to have her held in contempt of the order.

Does this mean that even though provision of the health insurance information is not specifically required by the order, he could still allege contempt since “health records” are included? Thanks for your response!

Yes, if she is ordered to provide the insurance, it follows that he must have access to the insurance cards in order to take the children to the doctor.