Child Support and Health Insurance

During the course of negotiating the child support amount in court, the court allowed my husband’s ex (she is the custodial parent) to be responsible for providing his daughter’s health insurance coverage under the order. She pays an exorbitant amount in monthly health insurance premiums (320.00 per month) compared to what it would cost my husband to provide the coverage (around 25.00 per month). My husband also provides his daughter with health insurance on our policy as a secondary insurance. Her high health insurance premiums drive up the the monthly amount of child support calculated. Since he can provide the same coverage (literally under the same insurance provider) for a more economical rate, is it possible to use this as a reason to request a modification so that he becomes the parent ordered to provide health insurance? She has also refused to provide us with a copy of the insurance card or the policy information to use in case my stepdaughter needs healthcare during her visits with us.

If your husband did not have the ability to provide comparable coverage at the time support was determined, the availability of cheaper comparable coverage could be viewed as a substantial change in circumstances which would allow a change in support.

My husband and his ex share joint custody with equal time with him being the one in the court order to cover health insurance. His ex got a job where the insurance is better and cheaper than what he could get through his business, so she covers them and he pays her directly for the insurance. He does this separate from the child support.
If they share custody and are willing to work together for the best interest of the child, the courts would not have any issue with him covering the child and her paying him the cost. As long as the child is covered and the parent named is the one responsible, they really should look at the best and more cost effective plan to cover the child on.
The insurance card can be put on file at the physician or pharmacy and does not have to be carried, but yes, she is responsible for providing the insurance information. If she has refused to give a card, then let her know that she will be getting a call anytime that information is needed and will have to show up to provide it.