Health insurance and child support


Greetings, I would like your insight on this matter, if you please.

I have court ordered child support in place since 2009. The worksheet “B” calculations take into account that my ex spouse was providing for childcare costs and health insurance for my 2 children. My ex spouse dropped child care within a few weeks of custody and child support hearing. Recently she lost her job and health insurance for the kids. I want to do what’s right and get my kids covered under my health insurance, while at the same time I don’t want to pay for the same thing twice.

Using the Rosen provided child support calculator and the same parameters used by the Judge, but adding health insurance under my name at my cost, the monthly child support order would be $27 Vs. the well over $300 I’m paying now. Question: Can I reduce the amount I’m currently paying to conform to the new scenario without going to court and have the order modified? If that isn’t possible, can my ex spouse be forced to maintain health insurance on my kids since she is receiving moneys by me for that purpose?

Thank you.


You cannot voluntarily change the support obligation without the order changing or you can be held in contempt for not following the order. You should start insuring the children and file a motion to modify child support based on the changed circumstances.


Thank you for prompt response, appreciated.


You’re welcome. Glad to be of assistance.