Child support modification


In July, my child support case came up for modification. It was determined in court that the mother had the child on state funded health insurance so neither parent received a credit for paying health insurance. Today I received the a copy of the actual papers filed. In the papers it states “The defendant (me) owes a duty to provide health insurance as required by law”. Does this mean I need to add my child to my health insurance or that she stays covered by the state funded insurance? I have no problem adding her to my insurance but I need her SS# to add her. The mother refuses to give me this information. Since CS is now claiming I am responsible must they give me her SS# so I can abide by this order?
Also in the order it states “…each party shall be responsible for one-half of all dental and orthodontic expenses…” In March they had a consult with an orthodontist and got an estimate for braces. I signed a contract with the orthodontist for my half of the cost and began making payments. I had paid all but $250 (my half was $2600) when I received a letter from the orthodontist stating the contract was cancelled because the estimate had expired. So I got all my money back. So now if they go back it and the price is higher am I responsible for the difference? I had paid based on the agreed upon contract which the mother and child made null and void by not beginning treatment. Is this order to pay half a long standing, no time limit order or was it based on the agreed upon contract?


If you were not ordered to cover the child at the hearing, this is likely a mistake which needs to be corrected, however if you have been actually ordered to provide coverage, you will have to have the social. As far as the orthodontic expenses yes, you will be responsible for one half of the cost when the services are provided.


CSE is stating the papers are correct (even though even my lawyer states this was not ordered in court) but is refusing to give me the child’s ss# stating they are not allowed by law to give out that information? How can they do this? I have no other means to get the number. I do not want to be help liable to pay back that state for the insurance she is now on.