Questions about child support

  1. Do I have to give my ex my son’s social security number or can he just get it himself?
  2. My ex claims he did not file with my son as a dependent, but that he filed for head of household and needs the SS# for his taxes. Is this correct?
  3. I provide health insurance for my son. Am I obligated to provide my ex with a health insurance card for my son?
  4. My ex owns a profitable S-corp where he is the sole owner (shareholder). Can the company’s retained earnings be considered income, even though he files a separate return for what he pays himself?


There is no reason for you not to provide this information to your spouse, if he is doing something improper with his taxes he will pay the price later, not you.

You should also provide your ex with an insurance card to ensure all procedures, medical expenses are properly claimed.

If your ex is depressing his income and using the business income for personal expenses, his income should be reviewed.