Child Support and separation agreement


Erin- if I just lost my job what do I do about child support- we have a separation agreement that I pay XYZ and pay all dance expenses, etc…- I will not be able to pay my rent if I still have to pay the agreed child support and dance expenses in our separation agreement- the separtion agreement was incorporated into our divorce- what can I do?


You need to file a motion to modify child support.


can you tell me what form I need? thanks


There is no form. You may try and contact DSS to help you with the support issues in this case.


also what about the agreement to pay dance tutution and expenses- will I still have to get that agreement if I lost my job


Those expenses would be accounted for in a modified order.


wouldn’t it have to go through the court since the separtion agreement was incorporated into the divorce decree


Yes. DSS can help in certain child support court actions.