Child Support Calculations


When my wife and I divorced, I was unemployed. The temporary judgment from the court for child support was based on the assumption that I could earn as much as my ex-wife, either via unemployment or underemployment. She was, at the time, making about $14/hr. I have been paying the judgment amount, even though she has had a different, higher-paying job, from within 2 months of that temporary ruling. I have received a job offer and will be starting a full-time job in two weeks. We are scheduled to go to court soon thereafter to make the ruling permanent.


Her attorney subpoenaed me for all my income, tax, bank account and credit card records. I complied. However, I subpoenaed her for the same and was told all I was entitled to was an Employer Wage Affidavit.

(1) Why am I not able to see what she makes/has in terms of income? Her income and financial standing is applicable in the Child Support calculation, is it not? Why is it so intrusive for me and not for her?

(2) I had heard I was able to ask for and receive a reasonable break-down of how she spends Child Support payments. Is this true?

I want to be able to get her income information before going into court and think I should be entitled to as much info as she is requiring of me. Is this wrong of me to assume?


You are entitled to view her tax information and other financial records relating to her income. You may make a motion to compel the same.
The law does not require the parent receiving child support to provide an accounting of how the support is used.