Wrong support calculation?


I had my child support judgment a few days ago.The judge said I was to pay $2000 a month to my ex for child support. When I looked at the numbers after all said and done, I see that they had my income listed incorrectly. It’s listed as 20% more than I currently make. What they listed seems to be what I was making last year but I got a new job 4 months ago and now make 20% less(and they were provided all my paycheck information before the trial and I had my correct number on my information submitted). I did not have an attorney at the trial but my ex did. What do I do…is there a way to get this corrected? I assume the calculation was based off that incorrect number but I have no idea how the calculation was done.


Without being at the hearing, knowing what evidence was presented, and knowing what the judge’s oral findings of fact were, it’s hard to know why the order uses your old income. You may be able to communicate with the judge directly to find out why the order was written as such but remember to include opposing counsel in all communications.


How do you contact a judge directly?


Usually through a clerk or a case coordinator, depending on the county. You need to contact someone, let them know your concerns and request contact with the judge.