Contacting the Judge?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I needed to bring a calculation error in the child-support to the Judge’s attention before the Order is finalized. You said I should send the Judge a letter, along with a copy to my ex’s attorney. I contacted the clerk of court to request contact information, and was told that writing to the Judge was “inappropriate” and suggested that I discuss the matter with the opposing council or seek further legal advice. This also poses a problem in that the Judge awarded me full reimbursement for overpayment in support dating back to when the motion was filed, BUT the balance will be “credited” to me in the court records and I can request that the money be deducted from future support payments if I face “hardship” in the future than might otherwise prevent me from making full payment. So, in the event that I need to make such a request, how on earth do I contact the Judge? Do I have to request an audience with the Judge and make sure that opposing council can attend?
Finally, at what point did the legal system stop being a means to protect the rights of the individuals, and become little more than a series of complex obstacles for people seeking fair treatment? I’m sorry for my negative attitude, but I’m thoroughly frustrated by the way I’m being treated because I can’t afford an attorney and have to disgrace the courtroom by having the audacity to speak for myself.

Thank you for your help.

Lawyers communicate with directly with judges on these types of issues, and it is not improper so long as there is no ex parte communication. That being said, the proper channels of communication cannot be used if they are closed to you.

I would suggest you file a motion pursuant to Rule 60 for relief from the judgment based on the mistake in the Order. File the motion, serve it on opposing counsel and get a court date from the clerk.