Child Support Defined

Dear trosier:

Greetings. First, you cannot dictate what the child support money will be spent on. So, your spouse can spend the child support money on Versace shoes or a new sofa, and the court will allow her/him to do so, as long as the children are healthy and taken care of.

Now, as far as the clothing, etc. If you pay child support, you are not responsible for the same, unless the court orders you to pay, you agree in a separation agreement, or you feel morally obligated to. Best of luck.

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I have joint custody (65/35%) with me having the 35%. I have the higher income and I pay child support each month. By my undestanding of the guidelines, she should be using the child support payment along with her income in order to meet 65% of the needs of the children (time with her) and me the 35% (time with me). Am I correct in this understanding?

What about other activites, clothes, etc. Should this be the 65/35% split, or a 50/50 split after paying child support? or is it to be based on income even after paying child support? I’ve heard many different opinions but there doesn’t seem to be a legal defining point other than child support is to be paid for “the welfare of the children”.