Child Support and Extra Expenses

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Child support payments are to meet the reasonable needs of the child for health, education, and maintenance, taking into account the earnings, estates, conditions, accustomed standard of living for the child and the parties, child care and homemaker contributions. Child support is not to 100% of the clothes! You are right about how the amount is calculated. However, any extra expenses are divided between the parties based on their individual agreement, not the child support guidelines. So, the extras you are talking about are outside of the guidelines, unless a court decides they are “extraordinary expenses” and they will be allocated in the worksheet accordingly. Otherwise, you and the other parent have to agree on how to divide the extras.

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Is there a definition for what child support is to be used for? As I understand it, the NC spreadsheet takes into account incomes, time with each parent, insurance, childcare, etc. and calculates the amount of child support to pay. This in turn “levels the field” so that the parent receiving the money uses it to take care of the children while they reside with them. And each parent should split 50/50 the “extra” expenses (ie activities, camps, clothes(?), school supplies, unreimbursed medical and dental, etc) Am I wrong here? If so, is there a clear definition? I was also told by a counselor that the child support money was to buy 100% of the clothes.