Child support for a 18 (almost 19) yr old

I would not mess with or ignore a court order without contacting a lawyer for advice. If you overpay they will reimburse you but you have to make sure that you request this.

I’ve had a relative go through this same thing. He paid child support based upon an agreed amount, not through court order. Unfortunately, he always paid her cash or helped her in other ways. When her kids turned 18, she turned it over to the courts saying he hasn’t paid any support in 18 years. Because he had no way of proving it, and he refused to pay anything ordered, he was eventually arrested by the federal government, put in jail, and is now out on probation. He still isn’t paying, but has established a disability that “prevents him from working” so he isn’t required to pay at the moment. If your husband has been paying, ensure he is able to prove that he’s been paying outside an order.

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Greetings. I am sorry, but I cannot advise you on Ohio law. If there is an action in Ohio for support, then NC will enforce that order. If Ohio calls for support to be paid until the child is older then NC will enforce the order even if that is not our law. I hope that helps. Thank you.

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My husband has received a civil summons to establish child support in NC for his 18 yr old daughter in OH; she graduates high school in May 2007. He currently pays and has paid child support directly to the ex per agreed upon amount though NOT through a support order.

  1. Why is the Support enforcement agency pursuing this when she’s completely aged out and “schooled out” in 4 months?
  2. Both my husband and I have talked to the SEA - we get conflicting reports on whether to continue to pay the agreed upon amount until this is resolved. One person says - keep paying; the other says any payment will NOT be applied when the order is establsihed.