Child support if remarry


I am facing my exhusband modifing child support. He is now telling me when/if I get remarried it will change even more how much he ahs to pay. Is this true? I have looked all over the site to see any info on this and have found nothing.


Child support is the responsibility of the parents. It is calculated based on yours and your exs income. Your new husband has nothing to do with it. His income is not counted toward your and your ex husbands child support obligation.

However, if you and your new husband have a child then the new husbands income is included…but only because you would then have two children you are financially responsible for.


Your remarriage will not affect child support. Child support is based on your income, your ex’s income, insurance costs and daycare expenses. It has nothing to do with your new spouse, his income and will not be affected if you have more children.