Child support mod. question

Child Support Enforcement is a separate unit in some counties. This is due to the overwhelming amount of claims for child support as compared to other actions.

The judge in the custody modification rotates in the civil district courtrooms.

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Be glad you have a rotation of judges concerning child support. MOST judges are reluctant to change child support for any reason! Since the one judge continued the case based on lack of full disclosure, that should work in your favor! I have had the misfortune of always, and always having the same judge. He always makes sure he is assigned my case. Never had anyone else and never does he make any ruling in my favor. Not a bad thing having another judge. I wish you the best! Like I said, MOST judges look out for the welfare of the child. As they should, and not their own welfare.

I guess it isn’t a bad thing, its just that I am in FL now and I have to return to NC for all of this. I wish I could get some of it consolidated.

I returned to NC in October for the reduction to child support - missed two days of work from my brand new job.

I have to return for the continuance in February - miss another two days of work.

My ex has filed for modification to custody, visitation, etc. - that will be on the Jan 27th calendar - so don’t know when exactly or how long, but I think we can safely say at least another two days.

My ex’s wife filed charges saying I harassed and threatened her - I will have the summons served on myself when I return to NC for Christmas and find out when my court date will be - another two days at least.

What a pain. I have never stepped foot into a court room until CSE took over my child support case three years ago. That is the one and only time I have had to be there until all of this.

I have to look on the bright side though. Maybe, at least, by the time I am done, I will be an expert and be able to help lots of people on this site.[:)]

My ex filed a motion to modify custody, visitation and child support. We have a hearding coming up in January-February.

Two months ago, he filed a motion to reduce child support based on a reduction in income. We went to court. He wasn’t fully disclosing income so the judge continued until February 23rd and asked the CSE attorney to issue a subpoena for financial records, bank statements, income tax returns, etc.

Their is one judge for the child support case through CSE and another judge for the modification to custody, visitation and child support. Why so many judges?