Child Support Modification

Can a decision on CS be appealed? Child support went up by over $100.00 after one of three children aged out.

Judge ruled that my tuition reimbursement is income. I paid out of pocket, passed the course, and then my money is returned to me. How is this income? It doesn’t make any sense.

Judge ruled against my request to consider my ex’d earned income from a 2nd job because she stated she used the money to pay off legal deby. She qit that job 3 days before I could file a motion to modify.

Judge ruled in favor of ex’s claims she pays my daughter 55 dollars a week for babysitting. She provided no proof of payment. My daughter does not claim it as income.

The judge made a decision based on calculation using figures she thought were income but are not.

The juge also short changed me on what I pay for health care even though I provide the workshhet from my employer. Judge claimed she didnt understand it.

My travel expenses were not even considered because they said my move back to MA was voluntary.

  • ex is moving back to MA herself so my kids would be there
  • She said my reseipts were not detailed enough (what a joke) My ex can make claims without any evidence at all though…
  • Company was willing to transfer me

All of this, she said the move had nothing to do with my children so no consideration for any of it. I spent nearly 4K a year on plane fare and other related expenses to see my kids… She could have given me a little bit of relief.

Sorry for the rant but this is outragious. I think the judge made a biased ruling and didn’t consider any of my concerns as well as interpreting items as income that clearly are not. My ex and her attorney smeared me y claiming I never pay for the extras. The woman already gets nearly 60% of my net pay after CS and alimony. I pay all my share of medical bills on top of that. I have never been in arrears and stay involved with my children so why was I treated like a deadbeat.
I am outraged by the system and its clear favortism for the so called “struggling single mothers” I know they exist but they are the ones that have dirtbags for ex spouse that ignore their resposibilities. Agin sorry for the rant.

I’m sorry to hear things didn’t work out well in your hearing. I cannot answer your questions specifically. I do not know all the facts of the case, or what facts the judge found which did not allow for the change. This forum is limited in scope to answering general legal questions so I will give you some general advice.

The cost of travel can be included in the calculation of support, if the judge determines including the expenses to be reasonable. It will ultimately be up to the judge’s discretion.

An appeal is a lengthy process, and if you decided to undertake an appeal, I suggest you hire an attorney. Is your ex is moving to MA too? It may be in your better interests to file for modification in MA once she and the children are residents there. If she is moving there, then you should schedule a consultation with an attorney in that state. I would certainly recommend consulting with one here if they do not move.