Cs modification question

My x’s new spouse might receive a very large sum of money and be much more wealthy than me. Due to my x’s very low income, and my moderate income, my x pays VERY LOW CHILD SUPPORT and hardly any medical expenses. I pay absouletly everything even though I am financially hurting myself & I am the Primary Custodian. Would this be a means to modify support, and what would be the timeframe from receiving the large sum of money? Would a judge consider this in our equation? Secondly, if my x were to get a higher paying job, would it increase since we are in an agreement? How does that work & do I need a CS caseworker assigned?
Thank you

Your ex’s new spouse’s income has no bearing on your child support award. If your child support award is simply based on an agreement, you can initiate a new child support action. After you obtain a child support order, you always have the ability to to modify the existing child support order, upon a showing of substantial change in circumstances (ie, if your ex got a higher paying job). To learn more about that process check out our article:how to modify child support