Lower income

My income is lower by a lot by I changed jobs. Is that usually enough to get a judge to reduce the cs payments. I didn’t Chang
G jobs to get out of paying more. I Merely hated my job. I was told the judge will use the CS calculator but then. Heard a job change alone may not equal reduced CS payments??


This is just my two cents’ having gone through this. I have my child support monitored through the state (much easier and I don’t have to pay an attorney every time my ex decides he wants to not pay again).

The guidelines are, from what I’ve been told, the difference in income needs to be 15% or more. Hope this helps. Thanks.

You may file a modification based on a change in circumstances. Ultimately the amount ordered will be up to the judge, but judge’s will only impute income if they find that you are intentionally underemployed so as to decrease/increase a child support award.