Child support modification?

Hi, we are divorced with set child support payments. I have primary custody of 17 yr old. He left home 7 weeks ago. Wouldn’t live by my rules. Does ex have to keep paying child support?
I rent townhouse and have bedroom for child still. Have lease til April. Child dropped out of high school. Agreement says I was to get support til he is 18 or graduate high school, which ever happens later.

*not an attorney

The other parent would have to file for a modification, which they would probably get, and probably be retroactive to the filing date. Since your not supporting the child it would be nice of you to stop child support voluntarily.

The burden is on the other parent to file a motion to modify/terminate child support payments. Any modification or termination will be retroactive to the filling date. If the child is no longer pursuing a high school diploma, that would be grounds to terminate pursuant to our statute.