Child Support Modification

Child Support = $1100.00 before alimony
Child Support = $1100.00 after alimony ( alimony was settled at mediation)
Alimony = $900.00 until May and then reduces to $600.00 for 54 months.

Hearing for permanent child support on 3/26

My lawyer is telling me that under guidelines, alimony cannot be considered income when calculating CS. What guideline states this? My ex is also stating that her income has gone down this year and will be seeking more in CS.

I have no more to give. I am behind on several bills and needed to borrow money just to make rent. How can the system allow this?

The guidelines most certainly do not disallow alimony to count as income, in fact alimony is specifically listed as income in the guidelines.

Maybe the judge is doing to you what they did to me. I had agreed to a $20K judgment for alimony and had a payment of $500 per month. Then in child support court, the judge decided to include it with $2k of child support arrears and she called it all child support arrears and now is taken with my child support monthly. It is now called arrears when it really is not! The court does just what they want to do. Good luck to you, I have been fighting a winless battle since 2004 and all I get is broker. I suffer while she lives the rich life at my expense. By the way, the court also put in my order that the alimony payments were not taxable to her nor could I claim it on my taxes.

The judge just told me alimony was only considered for tax purposes only. I was not allowed to reduce my income or increase hers when calculating perm CS.

The alimony she receives from you is not counted in the child support calculation, alimony she receives from another person would be attributable as income.